CHEM 101/102/103/105: Introductory University Chemistry

This is the information page for Introductory University Chemistry, which includes the following courses:

CHEM 101: Introductory University Chemistry I

CHEM 102: Introductory University Chemistry II

CHEM 103: Introductory University Chemistry I (for students in the Faculty of Engineering ONLY)

CHEM 105: Introductory University Chemistry II (for students in the Faculty of Engineering ONLY)


Contact Information:

For issues concerning CHEM 101/102/103/105 labs, visit the CHEM 101/102/103/105 labs web page, or contact the laboratory coordinator: Dr. Yoram Apelblat.

For issues concerning CHEM 101/102/103/105 registration and credit transfers, contact Chemistry undergraduate student services.

For all other issues concerning CHEM 101/102/103/105, contact the course coordinator: Dr. Arthur Mar.


Required materials:

* Current course textbook for 2017-18: "Chemistry", Silberberg & Amateis, 7th edition.  Available at the University Bookstore.

* Lab manual for 2017-18: sold ONLY at Chemistry Stores (Chemistry Centre room W1-28).

* Lab coat and safety glasses are MANDATORY and may be purchased from Chemistry Stores (Chemistry Centre room W1-28) or from the University Bookstore.