Cyber Security Awareness Month

Top up your cybersecurity survival kit with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)! October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and we're challenging you to look closely at the evolution of cybercrime and check that you've kept up.

Learn to adapt by collecting tips and tricks throughout the month on some of cybersecurity's most pressing issues:

Watch for the phish: Banks, insurance companies, health care services, and government bodies will never ask for personal information via email. If you get an email that asks for it, you might be looking at a phishing attempt.


Think before you click: Did someone send you a suspicious looking email asking you to click a link or download an attachment? Think twice before you do. You might be inadvertently downloading malware or giving up your sensitive information.

Be wary of unsecure WiFi: If you can access it, a cybercriminal can too. Be careful with unsecured WiFi networks in case a hacker uses it to compromise your Internet traffic, monitor your activity, and steal your personal information.


Have up-to-date antivirus: When it comes to cyber security, the best defence is a strong offence. Always have antivirus software on your desktop or laptop computer, and always keep it up to date so it can protect you from the latest bugs.


Update your software and apps: Hackers are constantly looking for an unlocked side door, and sometimes, they find it. Keep those doors locked by always updating your software and apps to the newest versions with the latest patches.


Use strong passphrases: "123456" might be an easy password to remember, but it will be cracked in seconds. Update your old passwords with strong and unique passphrases, like "$taceyWent2theZo0." Never recycle old passwords, do not use the same favorite password across multiple valued accounts, and consider using a password manager to keep track of them all.
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