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2017 Annual China Institute Alberta Survey

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Comprehensive Database on Chinese Investment in Canada

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January 22, 2018


Director Gordon Houlden Interview

Politics Podcast: Gordon Houlden and Jane Boulden discuss the Vancouver meeting on North Korea


Canada-China Relations

Globe News Wire: Canadian Nanosatellite Launch from China Heralds New Era of Satellite Services

Toronto Star: What did the Vancouver summit on North Korea accomplish? Not much

Globe and Mail: BMO boosts ties with Chinese bank as country vows to open up sector

The Diplomat: Will Canada Screw up a March Pacific Trade Deal?


China-US Relations

South China Morning Post: Beijing hits back at US defence strategy and ‘cold war mindset’

South China Morning Post: Trump’s First Year Failed the China Test. His second looks far worse

Reuters: Chinese state media: US government shutdown exposes 'chronic flaws'



CNBC: China's top paper says US forcing Beijing to speed up military deployments in a disputed waterway

Financial Times: China and the west head for a clash of systems

Global Times: PLA Navy deploys ‘new type of electronic warfare aircraft’


International Trade

Reuters: China says United States is real threat to global trade, not itself



Financial Times: India defends solar panel makers from Chinese rivals

Reuters: Chinese power consumption climbed over 6 percent in 2017: NEA


South-South Diplomacy

South China Morning Post: Pakistan’s stance on militants alienated the US. Is China next?

Reuters: Maldives ex-leader claims Chinese land grabbing; government denies

Xinhua: Chinese president calls for concerted efforts with Latin America on B&R Initiative


Investment and Finance

Bloomberg: Fresh Doubts Raised on China's Bad-Loan Data



Reuters: China's war on smog hits fertilizer, pesticide output in December: stats

South China Morning Post: Political will – and a north wind – lift Beijing up China’s air quality ranking


Science and Technology

Xinhua: Details of China's long-range, quantum-secured "unhackable" messaging revealed


Thanks to the University of Alberta’s strong connections to and long-standing relationships with China, there are many scholars from all disciplines at the University of Alberta whose research, teaching, collaboration, academic initiative, or scholarship activities involve China or China-related areas. Interested researchers, students and prospective students are welcome to browse their profiles and contact them individually for further discussions.

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Occasional Paper by Margaret McCuaig Johnson
From Field Surgery to Advanced Robotics: Sino-Canadian Relations in Science and Technology, 1938 to 2018

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2017 Albertans' View on China

Key findings of the Survey indicate Albertans’ growing support for Chinese investment and closer economic ties while some concerns still remain.

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China's Renewable Energy and Clean-Tech Market

A report that examines the development of China’s renewable energy and clean technology in recent years, and discusses the challenges to Alberta.

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