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February 20, 2018


Canada-China Relations
CBC: Chinese hospital won't release body of Melfort woman to family until $250K bill paid
Reuters: Canada province readies housing plan amid affordability crisis

Art and International Criticism
Time: Outrage in China After an American Man Stole a Finger From an Ancient Terra-cotta Warrior Statue

Science and Technology
Financial Times: China takes the crown in AI funding
South China Morning Post: Meet five Chinese start-ups pushing facial recognition technology into the mainstream
Xinhua: China launches big Earth data project
Xinhua: China's tech industry catching up with Silicon Valley "faster than expected": economist

Indo-Chinese Relations
Reuters: Chinese warships enter East Indian Ocean amid Maldives tensions
Global Times: China upgrades airspace defense in west to counter threat from India: military specialist
South China Morning Post: Indian deal on key Iranian port a potential check on China’s regional ambitions

Minority Rights and Domestic Security
South China Morning Post: Battleground Malaysia: China extends crackdown on Uygurs across borders
South China Morning Post: Xinjiang ‘separatists’ and Tibet’s ‘Dalai cliques’ – targets in China’s latest organised crime crackdown
South China Morning Post: China rolls out three-year plan to tackle poverty in Xinjiang

Financial Times: China seeks bigger catch from far-sea fishing fleet
Reuters: China to impose annual fishing ban in Yellow River from 2018: Xinhua

Great Power Politics
Reuters: Commentary: China’s next ideological front
South China Morning Post: US risks retaliation with defence talks on Taiwan, Chinese analysts warn
South China Morning Post: China’s rising challenge to US raises risk of South China Sea conflict, Philippines warns

South China Morning Post: North Korea strengthening its cyberweapons for large-scale attacks, new report warns
South China Morning Post: Chinese Rainbow 4 drones in use by foreign powers have 96pc strike rate in combat situations, paper says

Economy and Trade
CNBC: China would not be the only country hurt by US steel tariffs


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