Jia Wang

Jia Wang is the Deputy Director of the China Institute at the University of Alberta where she manages research, programs as well as government and media relations. The Institute’s main areas of focus are contemporary China studies, with an emphasis on Canada’s trade, investment and energy linkages with China, as well as maritime security issues involving the Canadian Arctic and the South China Sea. Jia also advises University senior leaders on China related matters and provides frequent media commentary on political and economic affairs of China.

Prior to joining the China Institute, Jia worked as a television news reporter, anchor and producer covering major political, business and cultural affairs for OMNI TV network from 2008 to early 2011. She also worked as a business consultant for Enbridge Pipeline Inc. and a conference interpreter for various business, government and educational agencies.

Jia holds Bachelor of Laws (first class honours) from Peking University and pursued doctoral studies at the University of Toronto. She had written columns for the largest Chinese newspaper and taught business communication and cultural etiquette in Canada.