Yves Tiberghien

Yves Tiberghine

Yves Tiberghien (Ph.D. Stanford University, 2002; Harvard Academy Scholar 2006; Fulbright Scholar 1996) is a Professor of Political Science, Director Emeritus of the Institute of Asian Research, and Co-Director of the Center for Japanese Research.

Yves is also Distinguished Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada and at the University of Alberta’s China Institute. He serves as the International Steering Committee Member representing Canada at Pacific Trade and Development Conference (PAFTAD). In November 2017, he was made a Chevalier de l’ordre national du mérite by the French President.

In 2014-2016, Yves served as Co-Director of the UBC Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA), which he founded as Chair of the UBC Public Policy Curriculum Committee in 2014.

He is a regular visiting professor at Tokyo University and at Sciences Po Paris. He has held other visiting positions at National Chengchi University (NCCU, Taipei), GRIPS (Tokyo), and the Jakarta School of Public Policy.

Yves’ research specializes in East Asian comparative political economy, international political economy, and global economic and environmental governance, with an empirical focus on China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

In 2007, he published Entrepreneurial States: Reforming Corporate Governance in France, Japan, and Korea (Cornell University Press in the Political Economy Series directed by Peter Katzenstein). His most recent publications include three books (亚洲与世界未来 (Asia and the Future of the World). Beijing: 社会科学文献出版社 (Social Sciences Academic Press, China) ; L’Asie et le futur du monde, Paris: Science Po Press, 2012; and Leadership in Global Institution-Building: Minerva’s Rule, edited volume, Palgrave McMillan, 2013). He has published many articles and book chapters on the Japan’s and China’s political economy, on global governance, global climate change politics, and on the governance of agricultural biotechnology in China and Japan.

Dr. Tiberghien’s current research focuses on the ongoing transition in the global economic and environmental order, in the face of new systemic risks, a changing balance of power, and the rise of populist political forces. He is also currently working on articles on China’s role in global and regional governance (including G20, AIIB, climate change, Belt and Road Initiative) and several books Up for Grabs: Disruption, Competition, and the Remaking of the Global Economic Order; Navigating the Age of Disruption: Understanding Canada’s Options in a Shifting Global Order; and Geopolitics in East Asia: Response to COVID-19. Dr. Tiberghien founded the Vision 20 group in 2015, a new coalition of global scholars and policy-makers aiming at providing a long-term perspective on the challenges of global economic and environmental governance. The V20 held six summits (Hangzhou, 2016, Buenos Aires 2018, Tokyo 2018, and Washington DC, 2017, 2018, 2019: http://www.thevision20.org).