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International Conference on the "Xi Jinping Effect"

2019 Conference on the "Xi Jinping Effect"

June 26-28, 2019
Banff, Alberta

Does President Xi Jinping’s leadership mark the dawn of a new era for China? 

In what ways has his rule transformed “politics as usual” in the People’s Republic? 

Since Xi’s elevation to General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012 and to the Chinese presidency in the following year, he has pursued policies with far-reaching ramifications. His unprecedented anti-corruption campaign, effort to consolidate authority leading up to the 19th Party Congress, widespread suppression of political dissent, and initiatives to build new linkages between China and global markets are indicative of the momentous nature of Xi’s ascent in Chinese and world politics. Meanwhile, his nationalist vision has also extended deep into official cultural policy, limiting education in English language and foreign cultures at the secondary and post-secondary levels, while extending patriotic education in the Chinese classical tradition.

From June 26-28, 2019, the China Institute at the University of Alberta will host a group of international scholars to present interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research at a conference on the “Xi Jinping Effect” in China to be held in Banff.