National Canada-China Economic Forum

With the fallout of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Brexit, and uncertainties surrounding NAFTA, a new dynamic in trade relations appears to be developing on a global scale. Will China become the new champion of global open trade? How could Canada update its economic ties with China to best position itself in the prospective Free Trade Agreement negotiations?

On May 12, 2017 in Vancouver, the China Institute at the University of Alberta will host its 7th Annual National Forum on Chinese Investment in Canada: A New Era of Canada China Trade Relations to facilitate a timely discussion by policy makers and industry leaders on key emerging topics such as:

  • China's Rise in International Investment and Trade: A New Global Leader?
  • Reassessing Canada's Economic Partnerships: the US, China and Beyond
  • Approaching a Free Trade Agreement with China: Policy Perspectives
  • Market Access and Reciprocity: Industry Perspectives