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Diplomats warned federal government about getting too tight with China, committee hears

Senior Fellow Philip Calvert is quoted by the CBC

The longer and deeper the COVID-19 crisis, the harder it will be to bounce back

Jia Wang is interviewed by Don Pittis

Teck Thinks Its Oilsands Mine May Be a Bust. Why Push Approval?

Jia Wang is quoted in The Tyee

China Institute Director Gordon Houlden is China truthful re Coronavirus

Gordon Houlden speaks on the Roy Green Show

U of A China expert suggests the Canadian government may have to consider a swap of prisoners

Gordon Houlden speaks on 900CHML Hamilton Radio

Britain has chosen a 4G solution for a 5G system. That’s not going to work

Opinion piece by Senior Fellow Margaret McCuaig-Johnston in the Globe and Mail

China's government asks citizens to take further precautions in light of coronavirus outbreak

Gordon Houlden speaks with CTV News Channel

Experiencing ground zero of an outbreak

Gordon Houlden speaks with Mark Connolly on Edmonton AM

ON Point with Alex Pierson

Senior Fellow Margaret McCuaig-Johnston speaks with Alex Pierson on Global News Radio

China talks take centre stage at FarmTech conference as canola standoff drags on

Gordon Houlden is quoted by the Edmonton Journal

Canada-China relations - one year after Meng Wanzhou and the two Michaels

Gordon Houlden speaks on CGAI's The Global Exchange podcast

Is it time for Canada to rethink policy regarding China?

Senior Fellow Margaret McCuaig-Johnston is interviewed by Radio Canada International

'Absolute priority': Canada promises to push China on detentions

Gordon Houlden is quoted by Al Jazeera

Some Canadian schools see China's Confucius Institute as a handy teaching tool. Others reject it as propaganda

Gordon Houlden is quoted by CBC News

Nov.25: Defence minister says China not an adversary

Gordon Houlden speaks on CBC's Power & Politics

Trio of Trudeau appointments send warm signal to Beijing, experts say

Senior Fellow Margaret McCuaig-Johnston is interviewed

China accused of cultural genocide

Cabinet shuffle puts focus on issues including pipelines, discontent in Western Canada and trade

Gordon Houlden is interviewed by Naomi Powell

There's some heavy lifting still left to do in China-Canada trade relations: Former diplomat

Gordon Houlden speaks with BNN Bloomberg

Outcome of China-U.S. trade fight raises questions for Canada's oilpatch

Gordon Houlden is interviewed by Tony Seskus