Albertans’ Views on China Annual Survey

Key findings of the 2014 Albertan Survey

1. Alberta’s views on China are mixed, welcoming of China as an economic partner and destination for Alberta’s energy exports, but with reservations on some investment issues.

2. Most Albertans agree or are neutral that an increase in Chinese investment in Alberta benefits the province’s economy and that Alberta can learn from China’s economic success.

3. Most Albertans see China as an important trade partner and find it important to promote energy exports to China.

4. Supporters of all four parties agree that increased Chinese investment in Alberta contributes to the provincial economy

5. Albertans are open to China’s investment and its contribution to the province; yet, they want Chinese investments to be limited by Canadian regulations.

6. Only 27% of Albertans believe that China’s economic strength poses a threat to Canada, although this is up by 7 percentage points (pp) since 2012. The percentage of Albertans who agree that Alberta should take China’s human rights record into consideration increased to 78% from 70% in 2012.

7. Most of those who do not support Chinese investment in the form of state-ownership in Alberta’s energy sector would vote for the Wildrose, PC/Tory, or Liberal parties.