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Canada-China Investment Tracker

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Canada-China Investment Tracker

Canada-China Investment Tracker - Quarterly Update

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The China Institute at the University of Alberta launched the China-Canada Investment Tracker, an online interactive visualization, as part of an ongoing project to study Chinese investments in Canada and around the world. Verified through our independent research, the database includes details on the type of investment, target and acquiring companies, deal value, post-acquisition stake, sector, and location for investment transactions.

As an alternative to Chinese and Canadian official foreign equity investment statistics, our dataset tracks investment transactions back to the ultimate Chinese parent companies, capturing those investments that originate in China but are routed through other regions. Further, frequent updates make it suited for real-time analysis of Chinese investment trends and patterns.

The China-Canada Investment Tracker project is part of the China Institute's mission to advance the study of the economic and political dimensions of contemporary China through policy-relevant research. Each quarter the China Institute produces a detailed report on new Chinese investment deals, activities and investment-related policy news. These Quarterly Investment Updates provide in-depth analyses on investment policy and investment trends, and report on new investment deals, while the Investment Blog contains highlights of China's outbound investment behaviour.