Chinese Company Business Practices and Impacts in Canada

Executive Summary

Chinese companies have been investing heavily in Canada since the early 2000s and have expanded their footprint into almost all Canadian industries, from oil and gas to cutting-edge technology. Recently, Chinese investment in Canada has faced heightened scrutiny relating to national security, labour conditions, and environmental impacts; however, many argue that the associated benefits in areas such as job creation, product and service diversification, and global value chain integration usually outweigh the risks of Chinese investment.

Given current challenges in Canada-China bilateral relations and mixed domestic attitudes toward investment from China, it is important to understand Chinese Multinational Enterprises’ (MNEs) investment motivation and business practices in Canada and to evaluate the wide-ranging impacts of their activities on the Canadian economy, business, society, and policy.

Authored by the China Institute at the University of Alberta (CIUA) and commissioned by the Canada China Business Council (CCBC), Chinese Company Business Practices and Impacts in Canada aims to provide a window into the business practices and impacts of Chinese companies investing and operating in Canada using a qualitative data collection approach. A survey of Chinese companies investing in Canada was conducted to assess their experiences in and impact on Canada over recent decades amid varying political and economic circumstances. In addition, in-depth interviews of company executives provide further insight concerning Chinese MNEs’ investment decisions, operational strategies, economic impact on Canada, and business outlook.

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