Undergraduate Courses

A list of some courses relating to China studies offered by the UAlberta. Refer to Beartracks for course details and registration.

Fall 2016

Course Class Instructor Description
HIST  385 - A1 Modern China
The history of China from the late nineteenth century to the present. Prerequisites: *3 from EASIA 101, HIST 280, 281, 285 or 290, or consent of Department.
POL S  261 - A1 International Relations
63349 & 63633
An introduction to contemporary international relations that attempts to develop an understanding of political events at the international level. The course covers the nature of foreign policy, the dynamics of interactions between states, the causes of war, imperialism and the role of non-state actors. Not to be taken by students with credit in POL S 260. Prerequisite: POL S 101 or consent of Department.
POL S  375 - A1 Politics of East Asia
A comprehensive introduction to East Asian politics in the postwar period, covering Greater China (Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong), Japan and the two Koreas. Prerequisite: One of POL S 235 (or 240), East Asian Studies Major/Minor or Department consent.
POL S 360 - A1 Politics of International Development
The theories that shape international development, and the actors and institutions involved. Prerequisite: One of POL S 230, 235, 261 (or 240 or 260) or Department consent.

Winter 2016

Course Class Instructor Description
HIST 287 - X50 The Chinese in Canada and Canadians in China
The history of the Chinese in Canada since the 1850s, and Canada's cultural and social relations with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, through historical and literary sources, media and film.
POL S 566 - B1 Topics in International Political Economy
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Refer to the course description for information on required prerequisites. Students are advised to contact an advisor in the Political Science Department to verify eligibility for registration.

All 500 and 600-level POL S courses are restricted to Graduate students..