Advisory Board

The City-Region Studies Centre Advisory Board consists members from the University of Alberta and from the wider community. The Advisory Board offers strategic advice and provides links to appropriate networks. Board members are advocates of the CRSC, promoting its services and sharing with others its accomplishments and contributions to the University of Alberta and greater community.

Board Chair

Dr. Katy Campbell, Board Chair and Dean of the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta

Born, raised, and educated in Edmonton, Katy Campbell received her PhD in Instructional Studies from the University of Alberta in 1994. Her doctoral research involved a narrative study of a collaborative instructional design process as a socially transformative practice. As Dean of the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, Katy provides CRSC with high level oversight, aligning our work with the strategic direction of the Faculty of Extension "to create opportunities for lifelong learning in response to the needs of individuals and society by engaging the university and communities in learning, discovery, and citizenship."

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Areas of interest: Instructional designer as social change agent | Learning-centred design| Gender/culture and technology interactions | Design thinking

Board Members

Dr. Roger Epp, Dean and Professor of Political Science, Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta

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Areas of interest: Rural political economy | Settler-aboriginal relations | Agrarian political thought

Louise Hayes, Manager, Organizational Liaison, Aboriginal Initiatives, Aboriginal Relations, Government of Alberta

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Areas of interest: Aboriginal relations | Community engagement | Community development

Michael Phair, Community Member and Adjunct Professor for iSMSS, University of Alberta

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Areas of interest: Local governance | Community-university partnerships | Community development | Queer community development

Dr. Rob Shields, Henry Marshall Tory Chair and Professor of Sociology and Art and Design, Faculty of Arts (and Faculty of Extension), University of Alberta

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Areas of interest: Social spaces including cities and online communities | Northern communities | Participatory design and architecture | Theoretical innovation in the social sciences | City-university relationships