About Us


City-Region Studies Centre (CRSC) is an innovative research and community engagement centre dedicated to sparking meaningful conversation and action in city-region planning, community development, governance and placemaking. Housed at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Extension, we engage rural and urban stakeholders to build sustainable, resilient communities.

Engaged research

We use an interactive and participatory public-research model that connects community expertise with academic knowledge. We work with stakeholders and members of the public to identify research questions and develop collaborative solutions to the challenges our communities are facing today.

Engaged communities

As a public-research centre, we place a strong emphasis on community engagement. We regularly host public lectures and community events featuring research and innovations in sustainable housing and transportation, municipal governance, inclusive community development, urban placemaking and other issues affecting rural and urban stakeholders.

Engaged networks

We are building and strengthening a local and global network of researchers, planners, industry partners and communities for sustainable community decision-making, planning and development. We provide the space for stakeholders of all levels to explore common goals and lead innovation across sectors.

CRSC is guided by the Faculty of Extension's commitment to a scholarship of engagement that focuses on Learning, Discovery and Citizenship. Learn more about the Faculty of Extension here.