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Dr. Kevin Jones, Director

Dr. Kevin Jones, Director

Kevin Jones has a background in the social study of science and society, environmental sociology and policy studies. At CRSC, Dr. Jones is researching the relationships between technological innovation, urban development and community participation. He is currently cross-appointed with the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology where he is studying institutional adaptation to risk scenarios including food safety to climate change.

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Areas of interest: Sustainability transitions | Citizen engagement | Urban studies | Science and technology studies
k.e.jones@ualberta.ca | Phone: +1 (780) 492-1746

Dr. Rob Shields, Henry Marshall Tory Chair

Dr. Rob Shields, Henry Marshall Tory Chair
Rob Shields has been involved with the City-Region Studies Centre since 2009. Dr. Shields's research spans across the fields of urban and regional planning, geography, architecture and interdisciplinary studies. In addition to his role at the CRSC, Dr. Shields is Professor of Sociology and Art and Design, as well as a University of Alberta Henry Marshall Tory Chair. He is a widely cited scholar, authoring a number of books and papers including “Places on the Margin: Alternative Geographies of Modernity”; “Lefebvre, Love & Struggle”; and “The Virtual”. 

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Areas of interest: Social spaces including cities and online communities | Northern communities | Participatory design and architecture | Theoretical innovation in the social sciences | City-university relationships
Email: rshields@ualberta.ca | Phone: +1 (780) 492-8262

Associated Researchers

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Communications and Support Staff

Vivian Hu, Administrative Assistant, Research Support Services

Email: whu@ualberta.ca

Iwona Faferek, Graphic Designer / Research Learning & Engagement Coordinator, Research Support Services

Email: ifaferek@ualberta.ca

Meaghan Trewin, Writer / Research Incubation & Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator, Research Support Services

Email: mtrewin@ualberta.ca