Vision, Mission, and Goals


To promote vibrant and sustainable city-regions in Alberta and elsewhere by engaging communities to research present conditions and dialogue about future possibilities.


The University of Alberta City-Region Studies Centre (the CRSC) engages communities in the Capital Region and across Alberta to promote public discussion and community involvement in research to enhance the lives of people in city-regions. Our work focuses on collaborative examination of critical socio-cultural, political, economic and environmental issues relevant to the lives of citizens.


In pursuing this mission, the CRSC is guided by the following concepts:
  • Informed dialogue necessitates the use of multiple perspectives, thoughtful reasoning, and deep insights on matters relevant to city-regions.
  • Diversity values and respects perspectives, persons, and places. We will reflect this in our decision-making bodies and in the programs and projects we support.
  • Engaged scholarship is a process that promotes academically relevant work that incorporates University goals and community expertise and experience.
  • Collaboration leads to stronger research, decisions, and actions.
  • Open inquiry involves the examination of issues and questions without a pre-determined outcome or political position.

Strategic Goals

  • To produce and disseminate research that contributes to the improvement of the socio-cultural, political, environmental, and economic well-being of the city-region.
  • To engage communities in the development of preferred futures that promote sustainability.
  • To facilitate collaboration between University researchers, government, and the community to address city-region challenges.
  • To provide a neutral forum for University researchers, government, and the community to discuss policy issues.
  • To effect knowledge transfer through the engagement of community members and University researchers in public discourse on matters relevant to the region.
  • To explore new paradigms, generate insights and innovative solutions, and bring fresh perspectives to issues facing city-regions.
  • To encourage communities of inclusion, gender and diversity analysis in research, and issue identification, particularly for those without an organized voice.
  • To mobilize stakeholders to make the city-region an exemplar of social and economic vitality.