Community Engagement

Community engagement is one of the central pillars of our work at CRSC. We regularly host events to engage students, researchers, planners, community leaders, and citizens on issues impacting rural and urban populations.

  • Regional Planning Speakers Series (RPSS)

    RPSS is a year-long educational program made up of a series of lectures, panel discussions and workshops. It is a forum for stakeholders including planners, architects, designers, community members, academics, and students. Our aim is to promote connections, share ideas and build capacity in ways which promote resilience and sustainability, develop robust economies, encourage collaboration and improve the quality of life of communities across the Province.

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  • Intersections Seminar Series

    The City-Region Studies Centre has partnered with the University of Alberta Planning Program to Intersections–a seminar series exploring place, community, and local governance. 

    The aim of this series is to create a forum to identify future challenges, priorities, and engagement opportunities related to urban, regional, and community-based research. The series is open to all University of Alberta staff and students and is intended to support collaboration and the development of interdisciplinary research partnerships across faculties. Presentations are interactive, and instead of presenting on completed research, or research in progress, scholars are asked to lead participants in considering emerging research interests and to explore the means of responding to these challenges.

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  • "Exploring the City" workshops, seminars, and tours

    The City-Region Studies Centre often collaborates with local partners to deliver specialized presentations, workshops, or planning sessions on issues of planning, placemaking, and urban and rural development.

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Community Engagement Steering Committee

Dr. Kevin Jones, Director of CRSC, Faculty of Extension

Olimpia Pantelimon RPP, MCIP, MOUQ, M.Urb., S.Sc, Senior Planning Advisor, Planning and Policy Advisory Unit, Municipal Affairs, Government of Alberta

Anand Pye, Coordinator, Research and Regulatory Affairs, UDI Greater Edmonton Chapter

Peter Yackulic, Senior Planner, Eagle River Planning

Jeneane Grundberg, Municipal Practise Area leader, Brownlee Law

Tim Borckelsby MCIP, RPP, Senior Planning, Inter-Municipal Planning, Urban Planning and Environment, Sustainable Development

Nancy MacDonald, RPP, MCIP, Senior Principal & Sector Lead, Community Development (Edmonton Region & Prairies), Stantec

Kalen Anderson, Director, City-Wide Planning Services, Urban Planning & Environment, City of Edmonton

Dr. Sara Dorrow, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Alberta

Michael Granzow, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Alberta

Paul Jones

Robert Summers