Regional Planning Speakers Series

Human Rights, Heritage, and Inclusivity: 2016-2017

City-Region Studies Centre (CRSC) is pleased to welcome the community back to this year's Regional Planning Speakers Series (RPSS). RPSS is a year-long educational program made up of a series of lectures, panel discussions and workshops. It is a forum for stakeholders including planners, architects, designers, community members, academics, and students. Our aim is to promote connections, share ideas and build capacity in ways which promote resilience and sustainability, develop robust economies, encourage collaboration and improve the quality of life of communities across the Province.

We are extremely pleased to announce this year's agenda of events, involving key guests addressing issues of substantial consequence for Alberta's municipalities and regions. If you would like to learn more about RPSS or CRSC, contact us at, and include RPSS in the subject line.

Topics, within the theme of social justice and the right to the city, that we'll be tackling this year include:

Human Rights and the City

An inter-sectoral event bringing together local and national experts to engage in debate on the state of our understanding of human rights and how they apply to social and economic issues pertaining to cities including urban aboriginal communities, social and affordable housing, and, in general, issues related to services, goods and facilities provided by municipalities. This event will be organized in collaboration with the University of Alberta Urban and Regional Planning Program. (October 2016)

Let's Talk Heritage: Connecting Narratives Through Placemaking

A round table discussion bringing together local and national guest speakers that will explore how to interpret heritage in ways that can honour the past's story and that can contribute to city-building and placemaking initiatives for the future. This event was organized in collaboration with the City of Edmonton's CITYlab and Edmonton Heritage Council. (November 2016)

Building Community Foundations for Social and Affordable Housing

A panel discussion and conversation which considers the challenges of locating social and affordable housing, and the value of embracing these challenges to create diverse integrated communities. (Spring 2017)