RPSS 2015-2016

Regional Planning Speakers Series

Let's Talk Parks: Conversations About Urban Ecologies and Public Green Spaces

Date: Thursday, June 16, 2016

Topic: Our open spaces are more than just parks. They make up a network of parks, plazas, greenways, natural areas, trails, sports fields, boulevards, natural passages, and urban and rural amenities; they are outdoor public spaces that provide places for recreation, for rest and relaxation, venues for social gatherings and events, places for commemoration, and locations that support urban services and infrastructure.

Presenters: Panel moderated by Dr. Kevin Jones will include keynote speaker Prof. Nina-Marie Lister ( Ryerson University, Eco/Logical Design Lab, Plandform), Peter Ohm (Chief Planner, City of Edmonton), Dr. Candace Nykiforuk (School of Public Health, University of Alberta), and Dr. Kristof Van Assche (City-Region Studies Centre, University of Alberta).

Developing Collaborative Methods for Complex Planning Issues Workshop with Nina-Marie Lister

Date: Thursday, June 16, 2016

Topic: A city-Region Studies Centre RPSS Workshop. How can planners and urban leaders respond to complex urban policy challenges which transcend both geographic and governance boundaries? There is no one-size approach to city building. So then, how do we create an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to planning? In response to this question, a morning workshop hosted by the University of Alberta's City-Region Studies Centre will provide participants opportunities to explore the benefits of collaborative and integrated planning. Participants will be provided information on current best practices and be introduced to emerging methods in the field. A focal point of the morning will be an exploration of collaborative and integrated planning tools in relationship to a case study on greenspace planning and emerging issues related to urban wildlife and wildlife movement. This section of the workshop will draw on Prof. Lister's recent work in developing planning solutions for projects at the intersection of urban transportation, environmental planning and policy, as well as natural heritage protection. Participants will be provided with active learning opportunities to address the complexities of this land use context by working in small groups organized to address key aspects of the planning process.

This mini-workshop will appeal to planners, urban designers, students and researchers with interests in: complex inter-sectoral planning and land-use scenarios; emerging methods in collaborative and integrated planning; urban ecologies and integrated approaches to greenspace planning; urban wildlife dynamics and greenspace design.

Guest Speaker: Professor Nina-Marie Lister, Ryerson University

Facilitator: Dr. Kevin Jones, City-Region Studies Centre

Federal Election Municipal Issues Forum: Strengthening our Cities and Communities

Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Topic: CRSC director Dr. Kevin Jones moderated a citizen-engaged dialogue on how the Federal administration can collaborate with other levels of government to support strong, resilient, and sustainable urban community development. Citizens heard how each party platform relates to local issues such as housing, social welfare, transportation, infrastructure, environment, sustainability, and economic development. According to Dr. Jones, the forum was "an invaluable opportunity for the public to learn more about the Federal political platforms and how these platforms will affect our city and communities on a local level."

Presenters: The panel was introduced by City of Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson and consisted of representatives from four Edmonton and area ridings, including Linda Duncan (NDP, Edmonton Strathcona), Karen Liebovici (Liberal, Edmonton West), Mike Lake (Conservative, Edmonton-Wetaskiwin), and Heather Workman (Green, Edmonton Griesbach).

Listen to the forum on SoundCloud.

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  • City of Edmonton
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  • Office of Mayor Don Iveson
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