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Prior to writing your article, please submit a statement of interest of less than 300 words to the CURB Editor at Statements of interest should offer a brief description of the article, including how it relates to the featured CURB topic or general topic of interest.

CURB articles should be short (500-1300 words), policy-relevant and accessible, preferably with accompanying images. All contributions are subject to edits for CURB's style and subject matter, and will be reviewed by an Editorial Review Board. All contributions are unpaid. Both national and international case studies are welcome.

Call for Articles: Urban Ecologies (Summer 2016)

Write an article for our upcoming issue on Urban Ecologies, coming Spring 2016. This issue will explore the environmental concerns at the intersection of urban and rural settings, focusing on issues around land use and water management.

Statement of interest deadline: TBA

Article deadline: TBA

Call for Articles: Engaging Cities (Fall/Winter 2016)

How can towns and cities better engage so as to build community connections and inform government? This issue will explore municipal citizenship, inclusiveness, and collective contributions to city-building.

Statement of interest deadline: TBA

Article deadline: TBA

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design, innovation, urban, housing, boomtowns, innovation, engagement, sustainability, stewardship, community, placemaking, regionalism, planning, health, infrastructure, rura, architecture, governance, environment

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CURB magazine is a forum for dialogue on how we can make our communities better places to live and work. Our vision is to spark meaningful conversations that promote more resilient and sustainable municipalities.

Informative, engaging, and beautifully designed, we are one of Canada's most authoritative publications on the issues shaping city-regions and rural areas today. Exploring topics such as urban design, governance, housing, sustainability, and transportation, we regularly feature articles written by planners, city officials, industry experts, and NGOs from across Canada and around the world.

CURB is produced by the City-Region Studies Centre at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension, and is distributed to municipal offices and planning departments across the country. CURB is also available online through Magster, as well as at select retail outlets.

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