City Building and Community Engagement Series

Faculty of Extension and City-Region Studies Centre offering with new city-building and engagement courses!

01 August 2017

Cities provide the backdrop to our everyday lives. More than a collection of geographic labels and place names, they are the contexts in which we order our social, cultural, economic, and political lives. Cities are also aspirational spaces for innovative responses to challenges such as climate change, sustainability, social justice, resiliency, and food security. As such, they are becoming essential hubs for citizenship and participation in our society. They are a scale at which we participate as citizens and collective communities in our everyday interactions, as well as a scale for imagining progressive futures and catalysing change.

Offered by the Faculty of Extension and the City-Region Studies Centre, City-Building and Community Engagement is a series of short professional development courses exploring community engagement, city-building, and change. The series invites learners to explore how our cities are changing, and the opportunities for engagement and citizenship to inform these transitions.

This series is intended for passionate urban citizens interested in exploring the challenges and promises presented by our changing cities. It will also be of interest for community and municipal leaders, as well as developers and urban professionals such as planners, architects, engineers, and city administrators. Learners may come from a wide range of sectors, including private, governmental, and educational organizations.

The series is made up of three two-day intensive seminars, each of which offers a unique perspective on city-building and engagement. Led by academic and practitioner experts, the courses encourage learners to interact with contemporary local case studies and with current practice-based research at the City-Region Studies Centre. Seminars can be taken individually or completed together. Students taking all three seminars can request an official series Notice of Completion after the last course has been successfully completed.

There are no prerequisites or entrance requirements to take the courses in this series. Take one or complete all three seminars to receive your series Notice of Completion.

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