CRSC Jane's Walk: Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona

Join the CRSC on a Jane's Walk this Saturday!

01 May 2017

The City-Region Studies Centre will be leading a Jane's Walk this Saturday! Join us!

Description: Edmonton's story is of a city which is being perpetually made and remade. Driven by development and evolving trends in urban design, there has been little room to find inspiration in the past, or to ask how heritage and culture might provide inspiration for the future. Amidst another cycle of urban renewal, the city is again undergoing a significant transition, perhaps nowhere more evident than in Old Strathcona and along its historic prairie main street.

Touring Whyte Avenue we will collectively explore how heritage and culture inform how we experience both tangible and intangible elements of its heritage. We will consider the Avenue as a home for a diverse range of communities and place narratives. And, we will learn about current development in the area and consider how heritage and culture might support successful place-making and communities into the future.

On our walk down Whyte we will be joined by a series of guest experts:

- Michael Strong, Senior Planner with the City of Edmonton, will speak to you about planning for the future of Whyte Avenue ('Plan Whyte').

- Kim Petrin, Senior Associate at Stantec, will introduce changes in the urban landscape and the ongoing development of "Southpark on Whyte".

- Murray Davison, Executive Director of the Old Strathcona Business Association will be speak to how heritage and place contribute to the Whyte Avenue retail economy.

- Mohamed Derouge, Community Engagement Coordinator at YESS, will speak about working with at risk youth and the services provided through the historic Connaught armoury building.

For more information on this walk and other Jane's Walks in Edmonton please visit here.

The walk will run from 12 pm to 2pm on Saturday, May 6, starting at Tipton Arena (10828- 80 Ave). To register please visit:

This walking tour is an active session of The Idea of Place, Space and Culture 20th Anniversary Conference. This conference welcomes challenges to the idea of place, along with new ways of thinking about place, space, location and the relationship between individuals and communities to place and history.

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You can download the walk's workbook in advance here, otherwise they will be distributed at the walk.