CRSC maintains research focus in fields of study which include regional development, urban geography, local environmental risk studies, governance, and cultural identity. What unites this work is a focus on engaging and supporting communities and city-regions as they face complex socio-economic challenges in a contemporary context shaped by globalization, demographic change, and environmental risk. CRSC works with communities to translate academic research into the knowledge and capacity with which to improve social and economic well-being and foster sustainable futures.

  • Current Research Focus

    CRSC's current research focus is interdisciplinary, with a strong focus on working with community, government, and industry partners to conduct research and disseminate results. Read proposals and reports, attend events, get involved!

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  • Partner Projects

    CRSC's research affiliates and partners have a broad range of research interests and experience. Their work includes local food systems, urban agriculture, public safety, and the impacts of telecommunications technology on community, rural, and urban development. From Faculty of Extension, the University of Alberta, and beyond

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  • Publications

    Our research staff, affiliates, and students are driven to share their research with the broader academic, and planning, community. Check out our recent and featured publications to dive into the world of city-regional planning in Alberta, in Canada, and worldwide!

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  • Researchers

    We employ and engage talented research staff and affiliates, whose expertise ranges from food security, housing and homelessness, urban and regional governance, to community engagement. Check out our About pages to learn more about their research interests and find out how to connect with them!

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  • Results

    Our past research continues to inform our research and community engagement work today. Read proposals and reports, view pictures, find out how you can apply our research outcomes to your own work!

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