From scholarly journal articles to community reports and guides, CRSC's publications reflect the centre's broad range of expertise, research interest, and areas of influence.

Check out our publications to learn more about our work, and dip your toe in the exciting area of city-regional planning and engagement.

  • Reports

    Developed in partnership with representatives from industry, community, and municipal leadership, our reports merge academic theory with city-regional planning practice. From governance and infill to transportation planning and land use, our reports tackle some of the big issues facing the urban and rural populations of our day. Our public facing reports are accessible and help shape future municipal policy.

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  • Articles

    CRSC research staff and research affiliates regularly public in scholarly journals in a range of disciplines, including social and cultural studies, government studies, economics, and geography. These works contribute to the theoretical landscape in a broad array of research areas, including city-regional identity, municipal governance, economic, placemaking, and political geography.

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  • Books

    Are you looking to delve deeper into urban and rural issues? CRSC research staff and affiliates have published or contributed to numerous essay collections and monographs that engage in key issues such as city-regional identity, rural development, infill, and urban revitalization.

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