Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and the School of Mining & Petroleum Engineering

Machine Shop

What services does the machine shop provide?

  • Aides in the design of new experiments
  • Constructs equipment for those experiments
  • Repairs existing laboratory equipment
  • Modifies existing laboratory equipment

Who does the shop serve?

  • Researchers, faculty and graduate students in all departments at the University of Alberta.
  • The Machine Shop has a responsibility to the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering and their undergraduate labs first and foremost. For this reason the Machine Shop reserves the right to re-prioritize jobs, regardless of submission date. The Machine Shop will make every effort to accommodate its customers, however estimates on job completion dates will not be given.

What do machine shop techs require to create specialized equipment?

Any one of the following:

  • Computer Assisted Design (CAD) drawings
  • Photos
  • Hand-drawn sketches
  • Verbal description of required equipment
  • What specialists are employed in the machine shop?

    • Journeyman machinists
    • Journeyman welders
    • Journeyman carpenters

    What’s the process for starting on your prototype?

    1. The client fills out an online submission form
    2. A machine shop technician conducts an interview regarding your equipment needs:
    3. Some sample questions –

      Can your materials be described as hot? Toxic? Abrasive?
      Is this a vessel designed for an oven?
      Will the equipment be submerged in a liquid? If yes, what kind of liquid?

    4. The machine shop techs visit the lab where the equipment is required and finalize details
    5. Physical construction of the equipment
    6. Who do I contact for any additional questions?

      Any member of our team will be happy to assist. Please call our office at 780-492-3393 or send an email