Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and the School of Mining & Petroleum Engineering

How to Apply

Instructions for successfully completing your application

Applying to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is a two-stage process: the preliminary application (no application fee involved), followed by the formal application if the preliminary application is approved.

All applicants applying to Graduate Studies in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering must first fill out the Preliminary Application Form. Once the form is filled out and submitted, the application will be assessed by the professors and an email will be sent out within four to six weeks, sometimes sooner.

Application Steps:

Step 1 - Civil Engineering Preliminary Application

Fill out the preliminary application. This form must be submitted and approved two to three months prior to the document deadlines.

Step 2 - Approval of Preliminary Application

Applicants must wait for notification from the Department before moving to the next step. Please do not proceed to step three until notification has been received by the department. If you proceed to step 3 of the application process and pay the application fee without being approved to the formal application stage, and if your preliminary application is refused your fee will not be refunded.

Step 3 - Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) Application and Application Fee.

Only proceed to this step if notification has been received by the department stating that you are approved to the next application stage. If notification states application was not successful do not continue with this step.

Create a brand new application for graduate admission with FGSR and pay the $100 application fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not use the MESSAGING tool in the FGSR applicant portal as this department does not use that tool, and messages will not be responded to. All inquiries must be sent by email directly to

Step 4 – Submitting Documents

All documents are uploaded directly to FGSR's web application. When uploading your documents please ensure you are uploading the information asked for within the field you are uploading to.

All reference letters are requested within the web application itself. Please refer to to check the status of your documents as well as to check to see what is missing or what is required. Click on Show Details once in the portal, and it will show exactly what is pending and what has been received. You will be able to upload any additional documents by visiting the applicant portal.

References should show as reference submitted. If a reference is showing as email sent the reference has not yet been received to the portal.

The department does not notify applicants with regard to missing documents, so please check the applicant portal on a regular basis. No files will be reviewed until all documents have been uploaded.

Please do not send any documents by mail to the department. Hardcopies are only provided if you are specifically asked to send hardcopies by the Faculty of Graduate Studies if admitted. Do not refer Bear Tracks anytime during the application stage as the information there is not accurate. Always refer to your applicant portal login.

Step 5 - Final Decision

Once the file is complete, it will go for review, once a decision is reached the applicant will be notified the applicant portal of the decision.

Applicants who are ADMITTED must refer to the applicant portal to retrieve their admission letter, and to either accept or refuse the admission offer. If the offer is not accepted the offer is not finalized. The offer is only finalized once the accept offer button has been clicked.

Please email to with any questions or concerns.