Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and the School of Mining & Petroleum Engineering

Application Document Deadlines

The submission deadline dates listed are ONLY for those applicants whose preliminary application was approved to the formal application stage.

Applicants should be filling out the PRELIMINARY application two to three months prior to the application deadline dates.

Applications and all required documents must be submitted by these dates to be considered for admission. We will not review any  application files after the deadline dates.

Applications must be submitted BEFORE the deadline date (eg. applications must be submitted by end of day Aug 31 for January admissions and May 30 for September admissions.)

International deadlines for submitting and uploading documents including references (this includes applicants within Canada applying for a study permit):

  • May 1 - September (Fall) Admission
  • September 1 - January (Winter) Admission

Canadian/Permanent Resident deadlines for submission of supporting documents:

  • May 31 - September (Fall) Admission
  • September 1 - January (Winter) Admission

Any Canadian or Permanent Residents who need to apply after the deadlines must contact the department directly (