Pre-requisite Courses

Application to the MSc-SLP program requires the completion of a four-year undergraduate degree and the completion of 8 prerequisite courses. These courses are selected to provide speech-language pathology applicants with the background needed to succeed in the MSc-SLP program. The following courses and associated knowledge/skills are prerequisites to the MSc-SLP program:

Statistics: Introduction to statistical methods. A course entitled Research Methods may or may not fulfill the statistical elements of this course-content area. Content should include basic descriptive and inferential statistics.  If an applicant wants to put forward a course entitled Research Methods to satisfy the statistics prerequisite, s/he should send the course outline to the Department for pre-approval or submit the course outlined with his/her application for review by the Admissions Committee.

Child Development or Developmental Psychology. Note: Introductory courses in Psychology do not fulfil this requirement, even if the topic was covered as a part of the course.  Courses named Child Psychology may or may not fulfil the requirement.  Please check the course description to ensure that the content covers development rather than clinical issues.

Cognitive psychology:  A course in cognition, learning, or human information processing.
(replaces Theories of Learning)

Neuroanatomy or Neuropsychology. Structure and function of the human central and peripheral nervous systems including mechanisms of neural activity and signalling, principles of neocortical organization, functional aspects of sensory and motor systems, and higher cognitive functions.

Introductory Linguistics: A general survey course that covers the core areas of linguistics.

Articulatory Phonetics: Introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet and practice in phonetic transcription.

Child Language Development, Child Language Acquisition or First Language Acquisition. A course describing typical language development in children, from birth to school entry.

One additional linguistics course. If the Introductory Linguistics course was a full-year course (6 credits), no additional coursework will be necessary.

If your institution is not listed below, or does not include a course that you would like to use for credit, please use the Alberta Transfer Guide to see if the course is transferable:
Alberta Transfer Guide Course Search
(go to "Transfer from Institution" and input the necessary information)

If a course has not already been pre-approved, it is strongly recommended to obtain approval from the CSD Grad Advisor prior to applying to the program.