Our Philosophy

The Corbett Hall Early Education program embraces and adheres to the following beliefs:

  • Early intervention is critical for children with developmental delays.
  • A small class size best meets students' needs.
  • Children make most progress when learning in a functional, meaningful environment where they can be active learners.
  • Young children learn best through play-based activities and personal experiences.
  • Parent involvement is essential for children to make optimal progress.
  • Theme-based and lierature-based learning activities greatly enhance language learning for all children.
  • Use of developmentally appropriate practice is crucial in early education.
  • Children benefit from both incidental learning in a social setting and carefully designed learning activities (exposure to both structured and unstructured play).
  • Children's needs are best served by a team of professionals working collaboratively.
  • Individualization of programming is essential to meet specific learning needs.
  • Use of positive and proactive behaviour management strategies is most effective in Early Education.
  • Independence and the development of self-help skills and problem-solving skills should be encouraged and fostered in young children.
  • Young children benefit from play and exploration outdoors.