Academic Integrity and Ethics

Requirement for Academic Integrity / Ethics Training for Graduate Students

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research has established a new requirement for graduate students who began their studies September 2004 or later. This requirement is for training in academic integrity and ethics. As Dr. Teresa Krukoff stated it, "the initiative for graduate ethics training was developed as a result of an increasing awareness of the need to provide structured graduate education in the areas of research and scholarship integrity, and the need to define more clearly the boundaries of ethically acceptable research." Departments were required to develop plans for providing this training to their graduate students. The plans needed to include at least 8 hours of "structured academic activity". Beginning in Fall 2022, the NEW Ethics and Academic Citizenship Requirement will replace the current Academic Integriy and Ethics Training Requirement. 

The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Plan

The department plans to facilitate a minimum of eight hours of training in academic integrity and ethics to its graduate students through the following:
  1. All new students will take INT D 710:  Ethics and Academic Citizenship: Fall term.
  2. Additional ethics content is provided in the following courses:

CSD 501, Clinical Research Methods - human subjects research; obtaining permission to conduct research with human subjects (1.5 hours minimum)

CSD 524: Introduction to Clinical Practice II - Professional canon of ethics; ethical decision-making in the clinic (1 hour)

CSD 523: Augmentative/Alternative Communication Systems, and CSD 529: Adult Language Disorders II - ethical issues surrounding particular populations; rights of persons with disabilities (2 hours)

This plan will enable our students to receive training on integrity and ethical issues common to all students in graduate programs as well as issues particular to clinical professions.

For content provided in CSD courses, knowledge will be assessed as part of each individual course.