Departmental Fees

No student will be permitted into clinical facilities unless health and safety requirements have been completed. Students are responsible for all fees associated with these requirements.  There may also be incidental program / departmental fees.

Detailed information will be provided once students are admitted to the program.  For planning purposes, here is an example from previous year's additional program costs.  Please note that this list may not be comprehensive and is subject to change.

Expense Approximate
Due Date
Approximate Amount
Student Department Fee (clinic badge, hearing aid kit & penlight) Due September year 1

Health Faculty Immunization Form
(An additional $40 is charged for appointments without complete immunization records. 
Late fee of $50 for late or missed appointments not rescheduled 24 hours prior.)
Due no earlier than November year 1 - final copy due May year 1

Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Check Due no earlier than November year 1 ~ $75
Intervention Record Check Due no earlier than Spring term year 1
CPR Certification at the Healthcare Provider Level Due November year 1 ~ $85 
CPR renewal Due November year 2 ~ $70
Fit Testing Due fall year 2 ~ $50
Simucase subscription $110 /year
Text books  varies

Please do not initiate any of the above requirements prior to acceptance into the program.