CSD Graduate Handbook

Welcome to the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology Program.

The information contained online has been prepared to acquaint graduate students in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders with the rules and regulations of the Department and the University of Alberta.

Please read carefully and visit it often for future reference. If you have any questions, please contact the Department office.

Graduate students are ultimately responsible for their own programs. They are expected to read the section in the Calendar titled University Regulations and Information for Students as well as the Communication Sciences & Disorders subsection in the Graduate Programs and Financial Aid Section and any other relevant documents to become familiar with all regulations and deadlines relating to their program. The students' fundamental responsibilities include ensuring that their registration is accurate and does not lapse, submitting appropriate forms to the Department for signature and processing, and paying all required fees by the deadline dates set out in the Calendar.

The University of Alberta Calendar and Registration booklet have many answers to most of your questions. Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the information and highlight important dates. Keep it close at hand!