Master of Arts in Communications and Technology

Tuition and Fees

The 2019-2020 academic year cost of the MACT program is $7212/year

Tuition (per 3-credit course)   $702 (x 6 courses) = $4212
MACT Program Fee = $3000
Total  $7212

The MACT Program fee of $3000 per year is assessed in Spring term of year one and year two of your program of study. The program fee is non-refundable.

Instructional fees (course tuition) - Details of instructional fee schedule for cost recovery degrees are available from the Registrar's office.

Non-instructional fees are assessed each term in which you are registered. 

Extending your program beyond the first two year

For students who extend their program beyond two years, a continuing program fee of $1000 will be assessed annually in addition to any tuition and non-instructional fees for course registrations. Please note that fees are subject to yearly increases.

Additional costs to consider...

Course materials -courses also may require the purchase of a textbook and/or print materials. Currently, the total cost for program texts is between CAD $1000 - $1500 over the length of the MACT program.
Computer and internet access -in your place of study, you will need to have a computer with internet connection and word processing capabilities. No special software is required. The course management software used to deliver our online courses is accessible using either Macs or PCs, and simply requires an internet browser. A faster Internet connection and a more powerful computer will carry you through your online work more quickly.
Spring Institute -you will be responsible for costs associated with the 3-week Spring Institute, such as travel, accommodation, and meals.

Tax deductible
MACT is classified as a part-time program so you will be eligible to claim the education deduction as a part-time student for the months in which you are registered. The University will issue a T2202A form indicating this amount in February of each year. You will access and print the T2202A via Bear Tracks.

Tuition Remission
University of Alberta employees may apply for tuition remission.