Community Service-Learning

Mission, Vision, Values

CSL Discussion Document

We initiated a planning process to help shape the key directions for CSL for the next 5 years. We asked all of CSL’s allies, community partners, students, instructors and researchers, adult learners, donors, alumni and friends to join us to discuss, review and plan how CSL can play an even more vital role in facilitating authentic, community-university engagement for our mutual benefit and common good.

Follow our timeline as we gathered your contributions:

December 2016: CSL Discussion Document

January 2017: Online Interactive Survey

We have received several thoughtful responses so far. Read them here.

March 2017: CSL Student Seminar

April 2017: Consultation with CSL Instructors and UAlberta Staff

May 2017
: Consultation with Humanities Program

A survey is being circulated for HUM Learners, Volunteers, and Community Agencies.

May 2017: Consultation with CSL Advisory Board

June 2017
: Consultation with Faculty of Arts Executive

June 2017
: Consultation with CSL Staff

August 2017
: Consultation with CSL Community Partners

November 2017: Ratification of new CSL Mission, Vision, Values and 5 Year Plan


Please find the new Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives for the period 2018-2022 here