Community Service-Learning

Mission, Vision, Values


CSL Discussion Document

CSL invites you to join us as we shape the key directions for CSL for the next 5 years. We ask all of CSL’s allies, community partners, students, instructors and researchers, adult learners, donors, alumni and friends to join us as we discuss, review and plan how CSL can play an even more vital role in facilitating authentic, community-university engagement for our mutual benefit and common good.

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CSL Mission

Community Service-Learning fosters reciprocal relationships between UofA instructors and community partners that create opportunities for students to reflect on and explore classroom and community learning.

CSL Values

  • Reciprocal relationships among CSL, instructors, community partners, and students that support innovative teaching and learning.
  • Engaging experiences for students that integrate in-class and out-of-class learning.
  • Community and university networks of learning.
  • Safe, accessible, and collaborative learning environments.
  • Our role as a catalyst for positive change in the university and community.
  • Our role in facilitating research to inform, support, and share CSL practices.

CSL Vision

To be recognized as a leader in community-engaged learning through excellence in community-service learning.