Community Service-Learning

CSL Internships


The intern will have the opportunity to contribute to the creative work of the Community Service-Learning program through student outreach, research, or special projects. For example, the intern might serve as CSL student representative at university and community events, organize student outreach activities to increase the profile of CSL, support background research for CSL courses or presentations, and/or contribute to organizing and following up on CSL events. Specific activities will depend on the skills and interests of the specific candidate.


The intern will work 10 hours per week for four months of an academic term (September to December or January to April), and will receive $800 per month.


  • Registration as a full-time, undergraduate student at the University of Alberta for the duration of the academic year 
  • Successful completion of a minimum of one CSL course placement
  • Good academic standing

DEADLINE:  OCTOBER 13, 2017 (for Winter 2018 Term)


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Community Service-Learning, Faculty of Arts
#400 Arts & Convocation Hall, University of Alberta

Humanities 101 (HUM 101) is a series of workshops at the University of Alberta that is offered free of cost to individuals who might not otherwise have access to post-secondary learning due to various barriers such as literacy, poverty, mental health, and discrimination. To try and ensure as much equal access as possible, HUM 101 provides all materials, supplies, food, and transportation at no cost to learners. In the broadest sense, the goals of HUM 101 are to encourage critical thinking in everyday life as well as to inspire a passion for lifelong learning. The Intern will support the Humanities 101 Coordinator as well as the group.

HUM 101 is a responsive environment and, as such, requires flexibility. HUM 101 is a highly collaborative space; and therefore a balance is continually needing to be struck between a wide variety of personalities who each come with unique ideas and needs. This can get complex and it is necessary that the Intern is able to work alongside and with a diverse group of individuals who present with multiple abilities.

Background: The internship has four main components:
  • Supporting the day-to-day operations of HUM 101;
  • Participation with the learners in the classroom;
  • Coordinating and managing food preparation with learner volunteers;
  • Intuitively develop and sustain relationships with a diverse groups of individuals.
Specific responsibilities include:
  • Attendance and participation at Tuesday evening classes from 5:30-9:30 PM;
  • Weekly food purchase and food preparation for class;
  • Working with learners to create and display final projects each semester;
  • Basic administrative duties such as emails, phone messaging
  • Works with CSL Communications & Program Coordinator regarding social media/promotion using social media, facebook, and twitter for Humanities 101.
  • Successful completion of two years post-secondary education; good academic standing
  • Registration as a full-time student at the University of Alberta for the duration of the internship;
  • Successful completion of a minimum of one CSL course placement;
  • Requires strong interpersonal, time management and the flexibility to adapt to dynamic environment;
  • Ability to problem solve, be creative and highly-organized;
  • Work independently as well as in a team setting;basic computer skills are required. 
*PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must be available Tuesday evenings (5:30-9:30 PM) and allocate a minimum of two hours of planning/preparation prior to class throughout the day of the class.

Start/end date: September to April: Hours/salary: 8 hours per week/$640.00 per month


APPLY: Please send your resume and application to Barb Baker, Assistant Director, Administration Community Service-Learning