Non Profit Board Student Internship Program

The Non-Profit Board Student Internship (NPBI) Program is a great way for students to learn how boards operate, to develop leadership and decision-making skills, and to get engaged in their communities.

NPBI Program pairs each student with a non-profit board and mentor in the Edmonton community for the academic year. Students are admitted by application and interview.

The internship consists of three mutually supportive activities with an estimated total commitment time of 50-60 hours:

1. A series of six workshops: Organized by the Career Centre and delivered by volunteers from the Alberta Board Development Program, the workshops provide training and discussion of key aspects of non-profit boards and cover topics such as Finance, Decision-Making, Policy Development, and Communication. (15 hours in workshops)

2. A board placement: Organized by the CSL Program and guided by volunteer Mentors from each host board, the board placement affords Interns the opportunity to attend and participate in board meetings, using and practising their newly acquired skills. (20 hours in board meetings)

3. A project to support board governance: To qualify for a NPB Student Internship Certificate, Interns contribute a final project - which they design and complete under the guidance of their Mentors. (20 hours on board project)


For more information, please contact Jill Flaman.