Community Service-Learning

Pathways Students 2017

The successful applicants to the 2017 Pathways Program:

Tracy Folorunsho

Nursing, 3rd year

"Having had my own bit of hardship in life, I am on a mission to make a name for myself in helping other women around the world, advocating for a healthy lifestyle. For the past 4 and half years, I have offered free health and wellness classes for women, particularly immigrant women, to empower them to live a healthy life, knowing how hard it can be for mothers like me to aim for wellness when there are other challenges in life to bear.  I have completed several programs in health and wellness, from Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Mental Health (PRS), a BSc in Nursing with a Certificate in Community Engagement and Service-Learning (CSL), and a Global Health Citizenship certification. I am also currently a board intern with Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch. Knowing this path will eventually take me far in my career, being a community and global wellness advocate."

Tracy worked with the Edmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA) for her summer internship placement.

Jenna Geldart

German & History, 3rd year

"I became interested in Community Service-Learning (CSL) while participating in a community placement at Rio Terrace School. Intrigued by CSL and the non-profit sector, I am also currently participating in the Non-Profit Board Student Internship Program as a board intern with the Skills Society. I am thrilled to be continuing my Certificate in Community Engagement and Service-Learning through the Pathways Program. Outside of school, I work part-time as an aquatic instructor and lifeguard and lead a Pathfinder Unit for junior high girls through Girl Guides of Canada. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing and travelling." 

Jenna worked with The Learning Centre Literacy Association for her summer internship placement.

Linda Gisenya

French Language and Literature & English, 3rd year

"I am interested in CSL because growing up in Africa; I constantly felt the importance of strong community involvement. I would like to live out my passion for community in my new home Edmonton, by working in community with different age groups. I had a great experience in two CSL placements at Ronald McDonald House and CANAVUA. In the future, I would like to start my own non-profit organization to serve the community. I think the Pathways program is a great way to acquire the necessary tools and skills for my journey in community work." 

Linda worked with the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (Sage) for her summer internship placement.

Laura Osorio

Psychology & Sociology, 4th year

“I was born in Colombia and immigrated with my family to Montreal, Canada, at the age of 16. The moment I arrived in Canada I began volunteering at different organizations, as a way to meet new people. This hobby soon transformed into a deep passion for community service. In 2013, I joined the Canada World Youth six months’ volunteer program where I had the opportunity to live and volunteer in a rural community in Kazigu, Ghana, as well as Fredericton, Canada. After my trip, I was even more deeply in love with community service, which is why I joined the Community Service-Learning program. In 2014, I took my first CSL course and got the opportunity to volunteer with the members of the Alberta convergence for Peoples’ Social Forum. My main responsibility was collaborating with a group of volunteers to fundraise enough money to take 10 people to the main event in Ottawa. I also volunteered with the organization Food4Good, where I learned the importance of creating a strong community surrounded by good and healthy food. My passion to serve the community has allowed me to meet amazing people from all over the world; my free spirit and willingness to support those in need is the driving motivation behind all of my commitments.”

Laura worked with The Pride Centre of Edmonton for her summer internship placement.

Amanda Rooney

Environmental Studies, 2nd year

"I was first introduced to CSL while taking an agricultural resource economics course, and then enrolled in an environmental sociology class that had a CSL component. I have been paired with the Alder Food Security Society and the campus radio station -CJSR 88.5fm- who I continue to volunteer with. I am also in the midst of completing a Non-Profit Board Internship placement on the board of Sustainable Food Edmonton. These placements with non-profit organizations have piqued my interest in the non-profit industry and I have plans to continue developing my understanding of this diverse industry."

Amanda worked with Food4Good for her summer internship placement.