Community Social Work Team

Fostering a Community of Care

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Practical helping skills for your day-to-day life

Training opportunities for all students and staff

The Community Social Work Team provides support to students of all ages, groups, backgrounds, and income levels in becoming connected to each other, the campus community, and resources both on and off campus. Connecting to your campus community plays an important role to your overall well-being. 

Our team facilitates many presentations, training sessions, and community events to bring students together, build community, decrease loneliness, and build capacity that will assist during your time on campus and beyond. 

You are not alone here at the University of Alberta. Our team is approachable, knowledgeable and can be a great first place to start with many of your questions and concerns.

Training and Programs

Community Helpers Program

Build on your natural helping skills and support your peers' mental health and well-being in this two-day training program.

Front Line Staff Training

Learn how to better support and navigate students to appropriate resources in this 60-minute workshop.

QPR Training

Gain the essential skills to prevent suicide in this certified suicide prevention training program.


Connect with a trained Unitea student host over a free cup of tea.

Community Engagement and Resources

Days of Action

Challenge stigma and engage in meaningful discussion around a variety of issues at the U of A.


Explore the many supports available to the U of A community, including mental health, financial, legal, and more.