Our Team

Our researchers are sought after leaders in community-based research, knowledge mobilization, and the scholarship of engagement. Our researchers and research assistants play a key role in ensuring the progress of our partnerships and projects. Their experience is drawn from various faculties across the University of Alberta. We strive to provide innovative experiential-based learning opportunities for our graduate students and new leadership opportunities for our staff. Our current staff are listed below.

Name Title Email
Augustine Botwe Graduate Research Assistance botwe@ualberta.ca
Rob Buschmann Research Associate rob.buschmann@ualberta.ca
Destiny Chalifoux Research Assistant dachalif@ualberta.ca
Jason Daniels Evaluation and Research Associate  jdaniels@ualberta.ca
Nick Denomey Graduate Research Assistant denomey@ualberta.ca
Pieter deVos Postdoctoral Fellow devos@ualberta.ca
Anja Dzunic Research Intern dzunic@ualberta.ca
Karen Edwards Director karen.edwards@ualberta.ca
Alexa Ferdinands Postdoctoral Fellow aferdina@ualberta.ca
Jenae Gauthier Research Intern jsgauthi@ualberta.ca
Rebecca Gokiert Associate Director, Research & Evaluation in Early
Childhood Education
Jessica Haight Graduate Research Assistant jbhaight@ualberta.ca
Marilyn Hawirko Centre Administrator mhawirko@ualberta.ca
Kevin Holowack Communications Coordinator kholowac@ualberta.ca
Prime Ilumin Graduate Research Assistant ilumin@ualberta.ca
Shelly Jun Research Coordinator sjun1@ualberta.ca
Kirsty Keys Graduate Research Assistant kirsty@ualberta.ca
Bethan Kingsley WCHRI Research Associate bkingsle@ualberta.ca
Janelle Knoop Research Assistant jknoop@ualberta.ca
Pauline MacPherson Research Coordinator pmacpherson@ualberta.ca
Maria Mayan Associate Director, Research & Evaluation in Poverty mmayan@ualberta.ca
Kirstyn Morley Project Coordinator krmorley@ualberta.ca
Cristian Neves Graduate Research Assistant cneves@ualberta.ca
Matthew Ormandy Research Assistant ormandy@ualberta.ca
Giulia Puinean Graduate Research Assistant puinean@ualberta.ca
Maira Quintanilha Project Coordinator maira@ualberta.ca
Julia Roy Research Assistant jroy@ualberta.ca
Kirsten Schmidt Student Research Assistant kschmidt@ualberta.ca
Sarah Scott Research Assistant sscott2@ualberta.ca
Matana Skoye Program Coordinator matana@ualberta.ca
Mary-Francis Smith Graduate Research Assistant maryfra1@ualberta.ca
Dana Wagner Research Assistant dlwagner@ualberta.ca
Tina Watchman Research Assistant twwatchm@ualberta.ca
Li Yu Research Assistant lyu10@ualberta.ca