Developing a Model of Supportive Housing for Teen Families

Principal Investigator: Rebecca Gokiert and Bethan Kingsley
Research Team: Melissa Tremblay
Funders: Brentwood Housing Society, Mitacs-Accelerate Graduate Research Internship Program, and Homeward Trust Community Research Projects
Duration: 2014 - 2019

For this project, CUP, Terra Centre, and Brentwood Housing Society came together to develop a model of supportive housing for teen families using an evaluative approach. In collaboration, Terra and Brentwood provide safe, secure and affordable housing and wraparound supports to teen parents and their children. Through evaluation, the partnership learned about and continued to evolve the partners' model of supportive housing, while understanding the impacts of these supports on children and their parents. The ultimate goals of the evaluation were to continuously improve services, ensure resources were used effectively, and share our learning with others.

The evaluation took a multi-pronged approach and involved developmental, formative and summative elements. It also used both qualitative and quantitative methods to capture the range of activities and areas of learning that exist within the partnership. Qualitative methods included focus groups with staff and parents, capturing observational information, individual interviews, and photovoice. Quantitative methods included monitoring (e.g. home visits, crisis encounters) and using a number of measures to gauge the experiences of children and their parents (e.g. Ages and Stages Questionnaire, Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale). We used the information gathered to develop a model of supportive housing that is responsive to the needs of children and their parents, and fully understand the impact of this support.

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