Families First Edmonton Fast Facts

Who are the FFE Families:
Who are the families who volunteered for the study? Through a description of their circumstances, systems and helpers can identify gaps or problem areas in their services that may be creating barriers for families, or could be improved to provide better access to families.

Education Levels of FFE Caregivers:
Caregivers born in Canada have lower educational attainment than city averages while those born outside of Canada have high levels of education if foreign credentials are considered. This fast fact sheet provides an overview of preliminary data findings.

Self-reported English Proficiency of FFE Foreign-Born:
Language proficiency is an important part of newcomers' economic, social and political adjustment to their new country. Most FFE foreign born primary caregivers reported a fairly high level of English proficiency, but a minority needed interpretation assistance to participate in the program.

Employment Situation of FFE Caregivers: Working conditions are an important social determinant of health because of the great amount of time we spend in our workplaces. This fact sheet explores the employment situation of FFE caregivers.

Housing Need for FFE Families: This fact sheet identifies the core housing issues facing FFE families, including crowding, state of repair and affordability issues.

Family Functioning and Primary Caregiver Health: Family functioning refers to the processes families engage in to achieve goals, address challenges, and support and enhance individual family members' health and development. On the whole, FFE families are well functioning.

Barriers to Community Participation: Participation in community events and activities is health-enhancing, however, research suggests that people living on low incomes are less likely to participate in community events, and that numerous barriers may account for their limited participation. This fast fact sheet provides an overview of preliminary data findings of the participation barriers for Families First Edmonton caregivers.