Geoff Tate

Up Close

When did you first get interested in computers/computing?
Grade 10 – my junior high school teacher saw me and some friends walking home from school and invited us to join him at the University of Alberta because the Education Department had an IBM 1130 with APL and Coursewriter and wanted to see if high school kids could be taught to program. We ended up being able to hang out most weekends throughout high school!

What have been the highlight moments of your career related to Computing Science?
Cloned 80386 for AMD to keep them in the processor business; Nintendo 64, first 3D game, and fastest Intel-based PC's used our memory technology while i was running Rambus: all computers use our technology now.

What do you believe is the future of Computing Science?
Computers everywhere and in everything, pervasive in our life, such that our grandchildren will take them for granted and depend on them like they do air and water.