Rainer Iraschko

Senior Engineer
Eclipse Geomatics & Engineering Ltd.

Rainer Iraschko holds a PhD from the University of Alberta and a BSc from the University of Toronto, both in Electrical Engineering. Upon graduation in 1997, Iraschko joined MCI's Network Technology Development group in Dallas, Texas where he investigated the efficiency of MCI's North American transport network. This work focused on customizing the network restoration algorithm Iraschko developed during his graduate studies to meet MCI’s needs and served as Iraschko’s first practical exposure to the application of Computer Science within industry.

Later, Iraschko moved to Silicon Valley, California to help launch a new company named ONI Systems. As senior system and network architect of ONI’s optical transport platform he helped ONI grow into a public company with a market capitalization in the billions. In 2001 he left ONI Systems to open an office in Calgary, Alberta for a start-up named Network Photonics Inc. This office was responsible for developing the software needed to operate Network Photonics’ DWDM transport platform. The development of this software was led by Dr. M.H. MacGregor and extended Iraschko’s work in the field of Computer Science.

Two years later Iraschko joined forces with LG Electronics’ former president, Dr. Charles Kim, to launch AccessNetware Inc. - a broadband access solutions company. In 2004, he joined TELUS as an optical networking strategist responsible for the evolution of TELUS' transport network. In 2006, Iraschko joined TRLabs - a not-for-profit organization fostering industry growth through ICT innovation - as Vice‐President Research where he followed the latest advances in the field of Computer Science.

Currently Iraschko is with Eclipse Geomatics & Engineering Ltd. building a world class communications engineering department that offers consulting services in the design, construction, and maintenance of not only fiber optic networks, but also SCADA, wireless, and sensor networks to Alberta’s utilities and oil & gas sector.