Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
Any High School Students (grades 10, 11 & 12) are eligible for the High School Internship Program. Typically, there is a preference towards Grade 11 students, students with a background in mathematics or computing, or students with a strong curiosity about computing.

What hours will I have to work?
In most cases you will be required to be available during normal working hours, e.g. 9am-5pm. The specific hours that you work in a workday will be decided by your supervisor, as long as it is no more than 7 hours per day and 30 hours per week. Some supervisors might permit some flexibility in this schedule, but when you apply you should be prepared to work these hours.

Where is the internship?

How does selection for the High School Internship Program work?
It is important to us that you are well-suited to the project you are working on, and therefore we consider the grades, nomination letters and your responses to the short answer questions together to determine the best fit for each project.

Is there a specific course grade or average I need to be accepted into the High School Internship Program?
No. We do not list any specific grade requirements for the High School Internship Program because admission is based on many aspects of your application, including your interests and responses to our application questions. It also varies greatly due to the number of applicants each year and the specific needs of each project. It is possible that someone with lower grades but excellent short answer responses gets the position over someone with higher grades.

What courses should I include in my online application?
The classes we typically want the grades for are Math, Computing Studies, and the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) that you have already completed. If you are in another class that you feel would be relevant to your application, feel free to include it.

Should I submit my application as early as possible, or wait for final marks from the current semester/quarter?
We recommend submitting your application as early as possible. There is no need nor a mechanism to update your marks after you submit your application.

Do you require a transcript from my school?
No. The only information we need is a brief summary of your completed classes in the online application.

Can I still apply if I've graduated high school but won't be going to university right away?
Unfortunately, no. Applications are restricted to students who are currently in grade 10, 11 or 12 at the time of application.

If I am going to be away for part of the designated time frame, can I still participate?
Unfortunately, no. The High School Internship Program is specially organized to run during a designated time frame, so you must be able to work weekdays for the entirety of the 6 weeks indicated. 

Can I participate more than once?
You may apply again, even if you have previously participated in the HIP program.

What are some examples of projects I might work on? 
Some of the many different projects may be:

  • File systems and operating systems
  • Website design
  • The collection and processing of brain imaging data to study autism and language
  • Computer games
  • Safety applications using low-cost sensing devices
  • Bias in machine learning
  • Natural language processing for social media analysis
  • AI-Human interaction
  • Automated game playtesting

Where can I get my T4 from last year?
Students can access Beartracks to find their T4s. If you are unable to access your T4 please contact the  Staff Service Centre . For more information about how to access your T4 online please visit Tax Slips for Employees.

Will I receive a certificate of completion or reference letter at the end of HIP? 

The department does not provide a letter or certificate. HIP students can ask for a letter from their supervisor if they wish.

I'm getting an error message when I try to submit my online HIP form - what can I do?
Some students have experienced technical difficulties using their school account (e.g., EPSB) to submit their application using the Google Form. A solution for some students is to use a different Google account or a different browser. Be sure that you are not signed on to another person’s account who has already submitted their application, such as if you’re using a school network or sharing computers.