Computing Science

Conference and Event Planning

Here are some things you should consider before applying for a grant to support a conference or event (whether it is at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton or abroad) in the planning stages.

Please notify the APO of your intention to hold a conference and include this person in planning meetings at various stages. This way we can ensure that you are not forgetting anything, outline department support available for various activities and let you know what you will need to budget for in your proposal.

Ancillary Services has conference facilities and services available. They offer accommodations and meeting room options as well as full conference management services - everything from food & beverage planning to registration processing.


  • How will financial administration of the conference be handled, and who will be expected to do this?
  • How will registration be handled prior to and during?
  • Who will process credit card transactions?
  • Is the Department expected to assist in any ways? What are these ways? (ie. obtaining credit card transaction machines on behalf of the conference; inputting transactions each day)


  • SUBprint: Low cost printing and copying.
  • IST Large format printing and design.
  • McCallum Printing: U of A's official printer offering offset, digital, large format and integrated direct marketing printing.

Administration & printed matter

  • What printed matter will be a good idea to have at the conference for distribution?
  • Who will create the content for this?
  • Who will oversee the production of this material?
  • Do packages of material need to be prepared & collated? Can student volunteers do this?
  • Will there be mailouts ahead of time? (ie. special brochures highlighting current Department or research group activities)
  • Are student volunteers required? Who is in charge of student volunteers for your conference?


  • Ancillary Services: Guest accomodations, meeting rooms and conference management services.

Local arrangements

  • Are you responsible for booking blocks of hotel rooms?
  • Are there any financial administrative implications of this?

Conference proceedings

  • Who will publish the conference proceedings?
  • Is there secretarial support needed in putting this together? What kind of support?


  • CS Help Desk: Technical requests for lab space or personnel within the Department.
  • IST: Booking labs external to the Department but still on campus.

Technical needs

  • Will you need a specialized lab set up for any particular conference activity?
  • Would this lab be on-site in the Department of Computing Science or elsewhere?
  • What are the specifications for this lab?
  • What is the time commitment of technical staff in the planning stages? What about prior to, during and after the conference?


  • IST: Central web service

Conference website & mailing lists

  • What kind of information would you want on a website?
  • Who will produce content for and manage the website?
  • Will you need a mailing list?


The Department is no longer providing webspace for conferences, however you can be accomodated by IST through secondary CCIDs. A secondary CCID (sponsored by a primary CCID holder) will provide you with webspace on the University's central web server.

  1. Request a secondary CCID by emailing
    • Secondary CCID can only be 8 characters or less.
    • Secondary CCID should be chosen according to what you would like your web address to be:
    • The will be approved by one the Department's authorized approvers before it is processed.
  2. Once this is approved, you can set up your webspace according to IST's instructions.
  3. Secondary CCIDs expire annually and you will be contacted for renewal.


Mailing lists are also an IST service. Should you like to create your own mailing list, please contact IST at