CSID-CCID Password Sync

As of 2016.


Why is the CSID password reset process changing?

IST Service Desk provides phone support from 7:30am to 6:00pm.This change will offer users better support for early morning and after hours password resets, as well as offsite password resets.

Will I only have one account after the change?

No, you will continue to have two separate accounts, a CCID and CSID. This change will only synchronize the password between the accounts.

Can I still have a different password on my CSID?

Yes. When you set your CCID password using the myccid.ualberta.ca portal, your CSID password will be synchronized to match. If you would like a different CSID password you can log into WebApps afterwards and change it.

I have one or more secondary CSIDs, will this change the way they work in any way?

No, secondary CSIDs will not be affected by this change. They will continue to function the same way as before.

Will I still need to use different accounts and passwords for Oracle, Mysql, or DoCSDB?

Yes you will. This change will not affect any other systems or passwords other than your CSID.