Why CS?

Computing science is everywhere, and we interact with it everyday. When did you last

  • Use a microwave oven?
  • Look up an address on Google maps?
  • Take out money from a bank machine?
  • Play a video game?
  • Drive a car or take a bus?
  • Use Facebook or Twitter?

About Computing Science

Computing scientists invent the solutions that drive our world. They have excellent employment and research prospects. They are part of a discipline that has grown at an unprecedented speed, and continues to evolve each day.

Make a Difference

You can experiment with great ideas and people will benefit from what you build. For example, you can build tools for medicine or online communities. You can simulate and visualize anything at any level of detail, from a single cell to a complex vehicle.

Create and Explore

You can combine computing science with your other interests, such as gaming, business, literature or medicine.

Computers are, by far, the most flexible and powerful tool ever invented for science, engineering, business, and government. The relevance of computing science will never stop expanding.