Internship Details

The Science Internship Program (SIP) is a work experience program that offers 4, 8, 12 or 16 month work terms.

Before the Internship


  • Check the requirements to see if you are eligible to participate in SIP.
  • Apply to the Science Internship Program (SIP) (see schedule)

Job Search

  • All jobs are approved by SIP to ensure their relevance and suitability for work experience.
  • The SIP program in Computing Science produces a Resume Booklet that has all approved SIP student resumes which is mailed to employers.
  • Review and apply for the job(s) through the SciWorks internship portal.
  • If you find a job by some other means (e.g. through a friend or on another job postings page), you must get the job approved by SIP before you apply.

Applying for Positions

Hiring Process

  • SIP hiring process begins in September.
  • We advise the students of all offers and they, in turn, advise us of which offers they wish to accept, declining all others.
  • Once you accept an offer, we request a formal written offer of employment containing all pertinent information, signed by you and the employer.

Pay For Work Experience Courses

  • Once you have received a placement, we register you in the necessary work experience courses depending on the length of your SIP placement: WKEXP 955 (1st term), 956 (2nd term), 957 (3rd term) and 958 (4th term).
  • When you are registered in a WKEXP course, you will be considered a full-time student for registration purposes and loans confirmation purposes only. Please note that Canada Revenue Agency does not recognize WKEXP registration as "attendance" as you are not actually 'attending' university during your internship. If, however you took a course during your SIP placement, you will be granted part-time or full-time months of attendance (according to units taken) for that term.
  • WKEXP courses appear on your transcripts with a Pass/Fail grade. They carry zero credit towards your degree.
  • Fee breakdowns are as follows:

Please Note: If you decline the optional fees, you must contact the Registrar's office before the final payment deadline in September.

During the Internship

Student Status

During your internship you will be classified as a full-time off-campus student for the typical school months. You will be registered in the necessary WKEXP courses.

Taking Extra Courses

You may take one extra course per term towards your degree with the approval from your Department SIP Coordinator. If the course is during work time, you will need to get approval from your supervisor as well.

Probationary Evaluation

  • Following a 3-month probationary period the SIP Advisor will email your supervisor a Probationary Evaluation that your supervisor will fill out, in order to ensure the internship is mutually productive.
  • If you are both satisfied, continue your internship to its completion.
  • If either you or the employer are dissatisfied, the internship may be terminated and you may return to your studies.


If you or the employer wish to discontinue the internship at the end of the 3-month probationary period, you must contact the Director or Coordinator of SIP (Computing Science), prior to carrying out the termination.

The Computing Science Department may assess a fee to students who wish to cancel their internship, without reasonable cause, at any time other than at the end of the probationary period.

Site Visits

The Director of the SIP in Computing Science conducts formal site visits with you and your supervisor. As well, an alternate person from the Department may drop in for an informal visit at another time.

You will meet with the Computing Science, SIP Director for about about 15-20 minutes:

  • view the work area
  • discuss working conditions, projects, etc.
  • review with you whether the objectives of SIP are being met to ensure a meaningful work experience
  • discuss any problems you wish to have addressed

The Computing Science, SIP Director will meet with your supervisor for about 15-20 minutes:

  • discuss your progress
  • raise any of your concerns with your supervisor
  • if necessary, meet jointly with you and your supervisor
  • take suggestions relating to the improvement of the SIP program

You may meet with the Director again, if necessary, as an opportunity to get a coffee, especially if there is an issue to resolve.

Final Evaluation

  • The SIP Advisor will email your supervisor the Final Evaluation that they need to complete at the end of your placement.
  • These evaluations become part of your student departmental record.

After the Internship

INT D 400

  • The Science Internship Capstone course is required by all students who have just completed the on-site work experience portion of the Science Internship Program.
  • Must be completed during the first fall or winter academic term following return to full-time studies.
  • The course focuses on professional development, including skills in written and verbal communication and the ability to make contributions in a team environment.
  • Students will be assigned both individual and team-based projects.