Order of Online Convocation


Ms. Peggy Garritty, Chancellor

Whatsoever Things Are True

Pomp and Circumstance performed by the University of Alberta Convocation Band under the direction of Dr. Thomas Dust.

National Anthem

Performed by University of Alberta singers, in order of first appearance:

  • Alessandra Ianni, Concert Choir

    Colden Palo, The Augustana Choir

    Britney Huynh, Concert Choir 

    Jerry Wang, Concert Choir
Luke Wiebe, Madrigal Singers
Olivia Albert, Madrigal Singers

    Anthony Wynne, Madrigal Singers

    Francesa Middleton, The Augustana Choir

    Chantel Schultz, The Augustana Choir

    Armand Birk, Chorale St Jean

    Marie-Josee, Madrigal Singers and Chorale St Jean
Nadia Sylvain, Chorale St Jean

    Ryan Li, Concert Choir

    Noah Wright, Madrigal Singers

    Julianne Simard, Mixed Chorus

    Tim To, Madrigal Singers

    Aanchel Gupta, Madrigal Singers
LJ Valencia, Mixed Chorus


Chancellor Peggy Garritty and President William Flanagan

Remarks from the President

President William Flanagan, President and Vice-Chancellor 

Nobel Recipient Address

Dr. Michael Houghton, 2020 Nobel Prize Recipient in Physiology or Medicine 

Indigenous Song

Lyle Tootoosis
Jade Tootoosis
Colin Raine
Leo Edward Paskemim

Note: These performers are part of the same cohort and as a result were able to be in close proximity to one another while respecting health and safety guidelines.

Conferring of Degrees

Ms. Peggy Garritty

The Presentation

University Deans

The Pledge

President William Flanagan

Students reply: "These things I pledge myself to do"

Elaheh Rabiei - Master of Design
Stephanie Gysel - Doctor of Pharmacy
Aksam Alyousef - Master of Arts
Krisha Quiambao - Master of Public Health
Lisa Jasper - Doctor of Philosophy
Kofi Yeboah - Master of Arts
Isaac Menghisteab - Master of Science
Serge Makuetche - Baccalauréat en Education
Ayooluwa Oladosu - Bachelor of Science
Julie Waine - Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies
Heather Hinz - Master of Science
Jane Berry - Bachelor of Education

The Admission

Ms. Peggy Garritty

Alumni Message

Dr. James Makokis 

Board Of Governors Greetings

Ms. Kate Chisholm, Chair

Student Messages

In order of first appearance:

  • Erika Smith - Doctor of Pharmacy
    Asksam Alyousef - Master of Arts
    Megan Johnson - Bachelor of Commerce
    Cynthia Tchamtcheu - Baccalauréat en Education
    Solwan Madbouly - Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science
    Nadia Baheri - Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
    Taylor Cromarty - Master of Science
    Ghazaleh Sedighi - Doctor of Philosophy
    Amielle Christopherson - Bachelor of Management
    Adriana Airo - Doctor of Philosophy
    Maxine Myre - Doctor of Philosophy
    Marissa Woods - Master of Science
    Lori Rousseau - Master of Nursing
    Sherisse Cutknife-Houle - Bachelor of Education

Concluding Remarks

Ms. Peggy Garritty

Je Te Retrouve

Composed by: Dr. France Levasseur-Ouimet
Arranged by: Dr. Allan Bevan
Performed by: Chorale Saint-Jean under the direction of Dr. Laurier Fagnan

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