Review and Permissions

Copyright Clearance Service

The Copyright Office provides a copyright review and permissions service for course-related copying. This service applies to use and dissemination of copyright materials in print and digital format for teaching and learning. This includes all forms of copyright-protected works, such as books, movies, recorded music, art, photographs, dramatic works, etc.

As part of this service, the Copyright Office provides individual and group consultations to advice on general copy ring rights and freedoms, exceptions permitted educational copying, as well as compliance with the UA Libraries site licences for digital holdings, Creative Commons licence, UA Fair Dealing Guidelines, and other permission sources. Where no pre-authorization exists, we will contact the rightsholders to request permission. See below for information on copyright clearance and payment of clearance fees.

As several factors influence the time necessary for clearing copyright, in particular publisher response times, we recommend you submit your request well in advance of your course start date - typically 6-8 weeks in advance is sufficient. Please note that the number of requests we receive in the month immediately preceding each academic term increases significantly. While we do our best to accommodate all requests, processing time may be delayed when a high volume of requests are in progress.

Payment of Permission Fees

From time to time, it may be necessary to contact a copyright owner or their agent for permission to reproduce and distribute their work. This may be the case when a book is out-of-print, or no licence or exception authorizes copying. In those instances, the Copyright Office will contact the rightsholder on your behalf to request copyright clearance. If the copyright owner requests payment for use of their work, we will inform you of the cost in advance when the amount requested appears unusually high. Upon your authorization, we will continue with the transaction and notify you when your file is completed.

Responsibility for payment of the fees is as follows:

  • Print course-packs (sold by UA Bookstores) - The fee is recovered in sale price of the coursepack and paid by students.
  • Digital Copies (provided via any method/platform of delivery) - Department will be billed. Payment via indent is required.

Seeking Permission

Alternatively, you may choose to contact rightsholders or their agents directly. Ensure all requests and grants of permission are made and received in writing. Provide copies of your permissions along with your Copyright Review Request Form.

  • Formulate the permission request (see sample permission letter). Include all potential uses as well as the format and medium of distribution.
  • Permission must be in writing; communication via electronic mail satisfies this requirement.
  • Pay assessed fee, if any.
  • Retain permission to verify authorization.
  • Provide a copy to our office via email or in campus mail to the address below:

Copyright Office
W218 John A. Weir Memorial Law Library
2nd Floor, Law Centre
Edmonton, AB T6G 2H5

Copyright Review Request Form

The Copyright Review Request Form can be downloaded here.